We have a passion
for our patients that
is unparalelled.

Program Manager, Patient Services

Rick Day and Katie Preston are part of our 300 person team in Patient Services that work to help patients live better lives with their diseases and ensure physicians have all the medical information on our products.

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I just don't like
standing still.

Senior Director, Public Affairs

Using her ability to communicate complex science in simple terms, Katja Buller has built upon her career as a physician to help people understand how our breakthrough therapies can impact people's lives.

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We take innovation
from the cool to the
actual, practical...to reality.

Director, Global GMP Sourcing and Procurement

Joydeep Ganguly comes from a family of doctors. He is continuing his family tradition of helping patients by creating groundbreaking mathematical models that help Biogen Idec discover new medicines.

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At Biogen Idec, we can
be creative and feel
free to take risks.

Principal Investigator, Neurobiology

Misha discovered a molecule called LINGO which, when blocked, facilitates the regeneration of nerves. She is developing an anti-LINGO antibody that may revolutionize central nervous system treatment.

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Oceans of Hope


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Official Partner | Biogen Idec

Herzlich Willkommen bei Biogen Idec!

Biogen Idec Inc (NASDAQ: BIIB) ist eines der weltweit führenden Biotechnologie-Unternehmen. Zu den Kernkompetenzen von Biogen Idec gehören die Wirkstoffsuche, die Forschung und Entwicklung von Medikamenten, biopharmazeutische Produktionsprozesse sowie eine globale Vertriebsinfrastruktur


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